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day 3 [Mar. 28th, 2008|07:57 am]
after work things got better
went for a walk with tom
got really hungry after (was only away from the drink for 30 minutes)
but drank and felt better

am still undecided how long i'm going to keep this going
i go back and forth...i've started, might as well finish
but i don't feel any different
not better, not worse
so whats going on here?

am waking up with THE worst taste in my mouth
so i'm sure my breath isnt great

i did do the salt water flush last night
and it made me feel better
i was feeling bloated yesterday, and its not so bad today
after reading/watching other peoples blogs i expect the flush to be some intense stuff
it wasn't
i went the bathroom maybe four times...each time totaling 2 minutes, at the most
it did last about an hour...four times in a hour sounds about right
i started the salty drink at 830...starting "going" around 9, was completely cleared by 10:30
my stomach did do lots of grumbling though
and i did get a little nauseous but i drank more water, and felt better
it tasted awful
i need to research and see if i can do a few small shots of salt water  followed by lots of water
or if that will make me vomit?

made a new mix of the drink last night
ran out of maple syrup before i could make my 60 ounces
(which now that i think about...i'm not drinking nearly enough of this stuff its suposed to be 60 ounces a day, it took me two days to go through the first 60)
i'm again worried about the whole blood sugar thing, but it doesn't taste much different
added more pepper
it might be too much, but the drink is still drinkable. 

i have to decide about this weekend fast...
if i'm partying sunday, i have to start eating soon

really on the fence about that right now
everytime i think of quiting something comes up to make me keep on keeping on
*i need words from Recovery Jones right now*

i did get super pissy last night for a bit
trying to clean up my room and nothing was going right
so i just laid down
not sure if that was from tiredness (from the drink or from lack of sleep), or from not smoking*
i have been sleeping better though
not any better then when i don't drink (alcohol)...i don't think
its been such a long time since i've not gone to bed with at least two glasses of wine in me

have yet to weigh myself today...sure i lost a pound of "junk" last night after the salt water flush

*i have had 4.5 cigarettes in three days
(instead of my usual 6 or 7 a day)
and i am out now
meaning, if i buy more, i'm doomed i think
i wonder if nicotine gum works?
but i don't really want to quit forever...not ready for that yet


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